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Important: also check the Frequently Asked Questions Supplement

The following Bacula versions are still in use today so it seems:

  • Bacula 1.3x (1.38)
  • Bacula 2.x (2.4.x)
    • change of protocol 2.x –> 3.x
  • Bacula 3.x (3.0.x)
  • Bacula 5.x (5.0.x)

Besides various fileformatversions (2 versions as stated in a document from 2005), and various database layouts for the catalog database, also communications protocols changes have occured between releases. This leads to incompatible versions of components, component versions not intended to wrok together (but some people report that they do), however there are some rules of thumb:

(as abstracted from:

  • As always, both the Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at the same time.
  • Older 5.0.x and 3.0.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.0.2 Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File Daemons.
  • On one machine only one version of Bacula can be run so when a File Daemon is installed on the same machine as the Director and Storage Daemon it should be upgraded to the same version too.
  • Older 3.0.x and possibly 2.4.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.0.0 Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File Daemons immediately. However, we recommend that you do so as soon as is reasonable for your situation.
  • Newer features are of course an issue when using older File Daemons.

Always check changelogs of releases between the two versions of Bacula you are planning to use

Recent changelogs are also published on:

It is highly recommended to keep Bacula components at the same versions

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