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IOC Description Date Found File Path
msspcheck.exe Successful type 3 logon from “ACM-BOBBO” 10/15/13 16:17:58 UTC
msheck.exe Successful type 10 logon from “ACM-klkj” 10/15/18 15:17:58 UTC

FIR Reports

Report Name Notes Date
Baseline Some specific notes about this report 10/02/17 12:11:58 UTC
Baseline-2 Some better notes about this report 10/03/17 12:11:58 UTC
Baseline-3 Some even better notes about this report 10/04/17 12:11:58 UTC

POCs Onsite

POC Phone Location Notes
Bob Smoothly 215-528-3366 Bldg 4, RM 8 Hard to find but may be in the lounge
Ryan Nagley 215-528-1123 Bldg 4, RM 21 Normally in server room

Operational Tips


Name Number Location Notes
Tacos2Go 215-528-5511 2 blocks away Only serves lunch
VeggieBar 215-528-2255 3 minutes away in the meat district Only serves Vegan

Misc Items

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