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General information can be placed here


* Via Internet Relay Chat * Searching the Bacula Users mailing list archive * Asking a question on the Bacula Users mailing list

Server Name IP Description
DC-1 Primary Domain Controller
DC-2 Secondary Domain Controller
Web Web Server


* Answer questions on the Bacula IRC channel * Watch and Twitter for questions about Bacula

Host Name IP Location
Rollin-AC Controller
Billings-AC Book Keeper
Temp-AC Spare System


  • List of items found
  • Baculapedia: A collaborative multi-language documentation project for Bacula
IOC Description Date Found File Path
hello Row 1 Col 2 Row 1 Col 3
Row 2 Col 1 some colspan (note the double pipe)
Row 3 Col 1 Row 3 Col 2 Row 3 Col 3

FIR Reports

POCs Onsite

Operational Tips


Misc Items

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