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Line 60: Line 60:
         rpm -Uvh bacula-mysql-5.0.2-1.<​arch>​.rpm         rpm -Uvh bacula-mysql-5.0.2-1.<​arch>​.rpm
         rpm -Uvh bacula-bat-5.0.2-1.<​arch>​.rpm         rpm -Uvh bacula-bat-5.0.2-1.<​arch>​.rpm
 +        ​
 +U have to change the rights for the library which on a x64 arch is found on:
 +        /usr/lib64/
 +        ​
 +On a i386 must be on
 +        /usr/lib/
 +        ​
 +chown bacula:​bacula /​usr/​lib?/​ ​
 +If not the system would send u messages to your email account if u have one, u will receive this log:
 +<​blockquote>​Dec ​ 3 21:50:03 my-backup bacula-dir: 03-Dec 21:50  Message delivery ERROR: Mail prog: /​usr/​sbin/​bsmtp:​ error while loading shared libraries:​ cannot open shared object file: Permission denied</​blockquote>​
 ===== Setup the MySQL Database ===== ===== Setup the MySQL Database =====
Line 79: Line 93:
  vi make_mysql_tables  vi make_mysql_tables
 +Note: on x64 arch you will found this on
 +        /​usr/​lib64/​bacula
 Original line: Original line:
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