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  • Prerequisites :

IBM C/C++ Compiler, so many problems with GCC and no solution
Tested with Bacula 3.0.2, AIX 5.3TL09 and vacpp v10.1

  • After unpacking bacula source archive into temporary directory of your choice, set following environment variables :

export PATH=/usr/vacpp/bin:/usr/ccs/lib:$PATH
export CXX=xlC
export CC=xlc
export CPPFLAGS=-+

  • Edit 'configure' script and look at the following line :

main(){long a=1L; char *p=(char *)&a; exit(*p);}

Replace 'exit' by 'return'.
This modification suppress authentification error you get when your AIX client and your Bacula server want to talk.

  • Run configure script :

./configure –enable-client-only –prefix=<install_path> –enable-largefile –disable-libtool –with-pid-dir=<install_path>/var/run –with-subsys-dir=<install_path>/var/run/subsys

  • Edit Makefile and comment out line starting with .PATH
  • Edit src/plugins/fd/Makefile file to replace linker option -shared by -G
  • Run make, then make install
  • Create directory <install_path>/var/run/subsys :

mkdir -p <install_path>/var/run/subsys

All config files are under <install_path>/etc
Binaries are under <install_path>/sbin

You have to start bacula fd daemon in order to receive orders from Bacula server :
<install_path>/etc/bacula start

  • To create a service :

mkssys -p /opt/bacula-client/sbin/bacula-fd -s bacula-fd -u 0 -a “-v -f -c /opt/bacula-client/etc/bacula-fd.conf” -R -Q -S -f9 -n15

  • To automatically start the service at boot-time

Edit the file /etc/inittab, and add this line somewhere in the file :
bacula-fd:23456789:respawn:/usr/bin/startsrc -s bacula-fd

Update for Bacula 5.2.3

Built and installed under AIX 5.3 updated to 5300-12-03-1107 with xlc (aka vac) version

Editing 'configure' no longer required.

Suggest adding “-G bacula” to mkssys command options.

Chose to install in /usr/local–works fine.

inittab entry should start once rather than respawn since srcmstr handles restarting the bacula-fd daemon and it is not a child of init.

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