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bwx-console is not connecting

Quick check if all services are running

Open Services (i.e. run services.msc). Three services are added during the installation and all of them should run:

  • Bacula Director Service
  • Bacula File Service
  • Bacula Storage Service

If one of them is not running then the first thing is to look at that service and the configuration files of the related services.

Bacula Director Service is not running

This is the most critical part of the installation and with release 3.0.1 for Windows under Windows 2000 server this will not run when installed automatically with all defaults provided by the installer.

When you start the bmx-console you will see a message “Connection to the director lost. Quit Program?”. When you check the services you will find that the Director Service is not running. This is very likely a configuration issue.

There is lots of information added to the default installation that may affect the normal operation and a smaller version here is added to replace this to see this helps. First a reboot of the server may help as well when other services are not running.

One service that could require extra attention is “Removable Storage” service. This service may be disabled and not running. Programs like Windows Backup will not work when stopped. Because on every system boot this service is disabled it could mean that either Bacula or Yosemite is disabling it on system start. When manually set back to automatic and started, it will be disabled again on system reboot. Which of the programs that causes this is unknown at this moment.

When you edit the “Edit Director Configuration” (bacula-dir.conf) areas likely needed your attention (paswords are replaces with *) :

Default file storage:

# Definition of file storage device

Storage {

Name = File

# Do not use “localhost” here

Address = fs3                # N.B. Use a fully qualified name here
SDPort = 9103
Password = "********************************************"
Device = FileStorage
Media Type = File


Extra tape option: # Definition of LTO-2 tape storage device Storage {

Name = Tape0    

# Do not use “localhost” here

Address = fs3                # N.B. Use a fully qualified name here
SDPort = 9103
Password = "********************************************"          # password for Storage daemon
Device = Tandbergts400              # must be same as Device in Storage daemon
Media Type = LTO-2                  # must be same as MediaType in Storage daemon
Autochanger = no                    # enable for autochanger device


Reboot test fails so it may be smart to comment out with “#” everything that may not be needed to find when the director does not start.

SQL ports are not specified anywhere but if your server runs Microsoft SQL, Pervasive SQL, MySQL when the software is installed. It was not possible to find out if there are port conflicts with those packages. To go save the database default was chosen that may not interfer with those other services.

<this article is not complete because it is pending results on the root cause>

Bacula File Service is not running

The standard installation works properly but it is better to set the file location to a controlled area on a different drive. See notes under “Bacula Storage Service is not running” for more details.

Bacula Storage Service is not running

The standard installation works properly but no tape drives are configured. To assure this runs well it is better to configure this manually.

Open “Edit Storage Configuration” (bacula-sd.conf) and set under “Device” your intended location of where you would want to store the archive files:

Device {
Name = FileStorage
Media Type = File
Archive Device = "S:\\Archive-bacula"
LabelMedia = yes                   # lets Bacula label unlabeled media
Random Access = Yes
AutomaticMount = yes               # when device opened, read it
RemovableMedia = no
AlwaysOpen = yes

You may run tapes but the default installation also supports files and it is easier to test it with files before trying tapes. Why the “AlwaysOpen” is set to “no” is not clear when the drive is installed in the server. For hotplug devices it should be set to “no”. For a fixed drive mounted in the server it should be set to “yes”.

Please stay tuned, I will try to add more details as soon as possible when finishing the review on the issues.

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